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Car glass
Car rims
Car paint
Yachts & Boats
Fire protection wood
Fire protection paper
Fire protection synthetics
Ceramics & enamele
Stainless steell
Textiles & leather
(Window-) glass
Wood, stone & facade
Floor coverings

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ООО Немецкие инновации является официальным  представителем фирмы „nanodeck®“ на территории России и стран СНГ.

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The new nanodeck® product for yachts and boats

Once professionally applied the refinement set for yachts and boats saves a lot of labor, since balanidae, bird droppings, pollen, oil, algae, shells and other dirt cannot adhere to the refined surface any more.

Yacht & Boat is a 2-component-mixture based on chemical nanotechnology, which provides a very good repelling effect of aqueous and oily liquids on the strained surfaces. This two component sealing prevents organic and inorganic adhesions and incrustations. 
The coated surface becomes more scratch-resistant and easy to clean. Yacht & Boat can be used on all kinds of paint, GPR, solid plastics & all kinds of steel

Application: The product is applied in accordance with the enclosed instruction sheet. No previous or specialist knowledge required.